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VPIS says Thank You to Starbucks

December 12, 2013
Ms. Diane Panozzo
Ret:c1.il Store Manager
Starbucks Coffee Company
34.4 \Vest Broad Street
Falls Church, VA 2204.6
Dear Diane:

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Village Preservation and Improvement Society(VPIS), it is my pleasure to thank you, your employees, and your employer so very much for your generous donation of coffee and related products for the VPIS booth at the Falls Church Farmers Market each Saturday this past year. People love to stop, chat, and have their morning Starbucks, as they stroll through the Market and make our City just that much more livable.

As you know, all proceeds from the coffee we serve and the cold beverages we sell go towards the Neighborhood Tree Program, a joint effort by VPIS and the City of Falls Church. The goal of the Program is to plant street trees in the rights-of-way and adjacent areas around the City in order to shade our streets and sidewalks. Since the program's inception in 2000 we have planted over 700 trees, approximately 50 of which were purchased with donated funds. VPIS and the City were honored to receive an award in 2009 from the Virginia Municipal League for this tree planting program. For more details, you can visit our website at www.vpis.org/trees.

Our last date at the Farmers Market for this year was November 23, and we will open our booth again in April 2014. We look forward to continuing our successful Farmers Market booth in 2014, and we hope Starbucks will be able to continue its generous support as well.

Sincerely yours,

Michael E. Connelly, President
On Behalf of the Board

cc: Wyatt Shields, City Manager, City of Falls Church
    Starbucks Customer Relations

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