Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society Founded 1885
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Design & Development

The Society strives to achieve a vibrant, attractive and sustainable community; to participate in the city's long-term planning process and to pursue the preservation of historic resources.

Annual Excellence in Design Awards - NEW!
Plaques and certificates are presented to residential, business, or public facilities each year to recognize excellence in architectural or landscape design. 
[Information about the 2001 Awards] [List of Design Award Recipients, 1966-1997]

Historic Preservation
The Society provides tours and other programs to encourage preservation of structures and stories that give Falls church a sense of place and purpose.

VPIS Design Advisory Program
The Society advises City Council, Commissions, City staff, developers, and individuals who wish to change the design of the City.

Sustainable Development
Lectures and discussions are oriented toward helping the City develop in a style that is advantageous not just for present, but for future generations.

Local Publications
Books, articles, and studies are published to improve understanding of local history and design.

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Village Preservation and Improvement Society
P.O. Box 6824, Falls Church, Virginia 22040