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The Virginia Arbor Day Commons

The Virginia Arbor Day Commons at Frady Park.

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Work continues at Frady Park on the completion of the Arbor Day Commons. Barb Cram and many volunteers have been hard at work expanding and establishing flower beds. This is an important first step in the plans for the new spaces at the park, memorializing Falls Church City's historic role in the first ever Arbor Day. 

The primary physical work to date has been improving the soil with many, many layers of leaf compost and top soil. There has been much work behind the scenes raising the necessary funds to execute the gorgeous plan for this park (attach link to visual of plans).

Now the final push is on to get the last wheel barrels of top soil in place so the spring bulbs can be put in the ground. If you have an hour or two this week to help move top soil, rake walnuts away from beds, or help get in around 3,000 bulbs with an added layer of peat, please contact Barb Cram at 703-282-6563. She'll be on the Fairfax Street side of Frady Park parts of this Tuesday thru Friday, and off and on next week.  

There will be many opportunities to help in the spring as well; work will continue then with the planting of many perennials. If you'd like to be part of a spring work crew, please look for future e-mails, and contact Barb Cram.

Your help making this park a very special place is greatly appreciated. 

The Jefferson Institute, Falls Church (c. 1892)
Site of the first Arbor Day Ceremony in Virginia.  The School was located at the site of the current Child Development Center at Frady Park.
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