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Neighborhood Tree Program

Neighborhood Tree Program
The Neighborhood tree Program is a partnership between the City of Falls Church, the Village Preservation and Improvement Society, and volunteers to help restore and maintain a healthy tree canopy.  Our focus is twofold.  First we strive to educate residents about the benefits of trees and to encourage them to take an active role in caring for trees.  Our second emphasis is on collecting donations to purchase and plant native shade trees near streets and sidewalks to cool our community and make it a more inviting place to walk, bike and interact with our neighbors.  Shade trees are planted within 15 feet of the curb, using volunteer labor coupled with logistical support from the City's tree professionals at no cost to the landowner.  

What can you do to help?  If you have room on your property or in the City right-of-way within 15 feet of the curb, request your free street tree by completing the request form and submitting it to City Arborist Kate Reich (kreich@fallschurchva.gov) and Seth Heminway (heminway.seth@gmail.com). 

To receive a tree you must
1. be a Falls Church City resident,
2. have room for a shade tree within 15 feet of the street,
3. not have interfering utilities, and
4. not be subject to a required landscaping plan.

You can also volunteer to help plant and care for trees.
During these events we'll start at a specific location with a demonstration and then spread out in teams to mulch and plant trees.  Wear, gloves, boots or heavy shoes and dirt friendly clothes.  We'll have light refreshments and extra tools on hand.  Bring your friends or community groups.  Kids must be chaperoned.  Events are generally rain or shine - if heavy rain is predicted - check with Seth Heminway.

Please let Seth Heminway know if you would like to volunteer to help plant trees.  

Contact: Seth Heminway, Volunteer Chair
Falls Church Neighborhood Tree Program
heminway.seth@gmail.com (there is no 'g' in last name)
H (703) 536-3049 Cell (703) 389-7360

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