The Village Improvement Society recognizes those volunteers in the community. Memorial Day 2019.

The Village Preservation and Improvement Society, founded in 1885, is an active nonprofit citizen volunteer organization in the City of Falls Church, Virginia.

After many years of activism, the Society still is comprised of concerned citizens who address many important issues that face our community. As our Statement of Purpose indicates, the Society works to preserve our natural and built environment, historic structures and landmarks, and promotes cultural activities.

Photo courtesy of Gordon Theisz

Community Forum on Accessory/Secondary Dwelling

Thank you to our speakers, Dr. Christina Stacy from the Urban Institute, and Brent Krasner, AICP, for a stimulating and informative discussion on the issues to be considered when changing the zoning code on accessory or secondary dwelling units. The presentation materials and handouts are now available on our webpage, Community Forum – Secondary Dwelling.