Board of Directors

2021 VPIS Board of Directors

The board meets monthly on the third Thursdays of the month at 7:30pm. All are welcome to attend. The location rotates, so please contact the VPIS President at for that month’s location.

Officers (one-year terms)
President Jeff Peterson
Vice President Mary Chaves
Treasurer Ruth Rodgers
Rec. Secretary Michael Volpe
Corr. Secretary Melissa Teates
Immed. Past Pres. Lisa Varouxis
Student Representatives Lena Csaszi and Alexis Niemi
Board of Directors (three-year terms)
Terms Expire December 31, 2022:
Director Sam Beatty/Ellen Gilmore
Director Nancy Brandon
Director Tom Clinton
Director John and Bonnie Murphy
Director VACANT
Terms Expire December 31, 2023:
Director Luanne Lukes
Director Lorraine O’Rourke
Director Robert Tartt
Director Keith Thurston
Director VACANT
Terms Expire December 31, 2024:
Director Amy Crumpton
Director Mark and Ellen Gross
Director Chuck Hobbie
Director Alison Miller
Director VACANT