Board of Directors

2020 VPIS Board of Directors

The board meets monthly on the second Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. All are welcome to attend. The location rotates, so please contact the VPIS President at for that month’s location. *Currently, meetings are being held virtually.

Officers (one-year terms):
President Lisa Varouxis
Vice President VACANT VACANT
Treasurer Ruth Rodgers
Rec. Secretary Michael Volpe
Corr. Secretary Melissa Teates
Immed. Past Pres. VACANT VACANT
Board of Directors:
Terms Expire December 31, 2020:
Director Megan and Steven Hauber
Director Lorraine O’Rourke Lorourke l
Director Tim Stevens
Director Keith Thurston
Terms Expire December 31, 2021:
Director Amy Crumpton
Director Sam Beatty/Ellen Gilmore
Director Mark and Ellen Gross
Director Chuck Hobbie
Director Alison Miller
Terms Expire December 31, 2022:
Director Nancy Brandon
Director Mary Chaves
Director Tom Clinton
Director Seth Heminway
Director Jeff Peterson