Members are primarily residents of the City of Falls Church, former residents, and nearby neighbors who have an interest in sustaining the character of Falls Church and the quality of life here. Members are of all political persuasions and are bonded by their interest in and a commitment to persevering and improving the City of Falls Church community. 

Have you noticed the plethora of new street trees in the city each spring and fall?  These trees are the result of the hard work of the Neighborhood Tree Program, which is jointly sponsored by VPIS and the City.  We have planted almost 700 trees in the City of Falls Church in the past 12 years.  You may have noticed the coffee and beverage sales at the Farmers Market that benefit this program which is just one of a diverse array of activities that VPIS continues to sponsor to enhance our neighborhoods.  

Summer Concerts in Cherry Hill Park, jointly sponsored by VPIS and the City, continue to grow more popular and bring larger and larger crowds.  This summer will be the 26th season for these concerts. VPIS hires the bands, runs the sound system, and pays the performers. These concerts provide evenings filled with great music, picnics, and chances to see neighbors and friends. 

The annual “Attic Treasures” sale and New Year’s Eve “Watch Night” events provide fun venues that bring the community together to share music and shopping opportunities.  VPIS also sponsors other events in the City including the Arbor Day program, Independence Day readings, and City Council election debates (co-sponsored with the League of Women Voters). 

You can join online: VPIS Membership


Fill out and print the membership form and mail it with a check payable to VPIS to: 

Village Preservation and Improvement Society
P.O Box 6824
Falls Church, VA 22040  

Please provide your email address (which we do not share) on the form.  We will use your email only to send you reminders about upcoming VPIS community events.

Keep in mind that VPIS is a 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is tax deductible. A VPIS financial statement is available on request from the Virginia Office of Consumer Affairs.