Community Grants

2VPIS makes grant funding available for projects and activities that are consistent with the VPIS mission, as stated in the VPIS Bylaws:

  1. To preserve the village character of the City of Falls Church, a combination of attractive residential neighborhoods and economically viable commercial areas. This village character includes historic structures, landmarks and open space, and parks, all of which create a unique city.
  2.  To promote community awareness and appreciation of the City’s history and unique character, such as to encourage future construction and renovation in architectural and environmental harmony within this setting, leading to the development and improvement of Falls Church’s unique and distinctive style.
  3.  To encourage sustainability by supporting measures to improve the environmental performance of the City. These measures include enhancing our natural environment in our public, residential, commercial and industrial areas through appropriate planting, preservation and maintenance of trees, shrubbery and flowers and advocating for improvements to buildings, water management and other infrastructure to increase environmental efficiency.
  4. To promote the development of aesthetic values and cultural activities which will contribute to making Falls Church an interesting, unique, and stimulating community in which to live.
  5. To work with governmental bodies and community groups and take action, as appropriate, to encourage and support them in measures conducive to the fulfillment of the above purposes.

 VPIS has also adopted supporting policies over the years (e.g. Affordable Housing Policy, Environmental Goals for the City of Falls Church) and will consider requests that support these policies. In addition to supporting projects that will be implemented within the City of Falls Church, VPIS will consider projects implemented in surrounding jurisdictions having a direct impact on the City, or projects located in other communities within the U.S. or abroad with which the City has entered into non-profit partnerships (e.g., a sister city).

To be considered for a grant please, review this PDF that outlines the program and provides the information needed for submission. We do not have a form, instead we ask you to provide a document based on the four criteria listed in our Community Grant Information and Application document. Please review the document carefully, before submission.