Summer Concerts in the Park

Summer Concerts in the Park

Summer concerts are held every Thursday night at 7:00 pm during the summer in Cherry Hill Park. The seven-concert run starts in mid-June and continues through July. VPIS always hires an eclectic group of bands. In any given summer, you could see a rock band, an Irish band, a folk band, a pop band, a concert band, a “big” band, and a blues band.

2022 Concert Schedule:

June 23               Falls Church Concert Band

June 30               Apple Core (Beatles Cover)

July 7                  Ocho De Bastos (Latin rock)

July 14                Acosta and Clark (acoustic roots)

July 21                KM2 (rock and pop cover band)

July 28                Karl Stoll and The Danger Zone (blues)

August 4            Big Howdy (Bluegrass)

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In 2020,  due to Covid-19 restrictions, VPIS has cancelled the in-person summer concerts. We hosted a virtual concert on July 9th with Moonshine Society.  You can view it on YouTube.