Falls Church Tree Fest

Village Preservation & Improvement Society is pleased to announce the 2021 Falls Church Tree Fest. Covid-19 forced us to skip the 2020 Tree Fest, but we are ready to bring it back.

As many of you may know, Melissa Morse, the founder of Falls Church Tree Fest has moved out of the state and VPIS is taking over the event.  Melissa has graciously shared her notes on how she put this event together and is remaining available to answer our many questions for this inaugural event.

The event will be held at Ireland’s Four Provinces on December 3rd-4th-5th, 2021.  The trees should not be over 4’ tall and artificial, not live trees.  Fully decorated and ready to go home with the highest bidder.  Electrical outlets will be available.  20 trees maximum – so sign on early to reserve your spot.

Each decorated tree will have its own 4’ table to stand on.  There will be silent auction sheet for bidding purposes and a box for donation.  Each charity will decorate its own tree and should provide any literature they would like displayed on their table.  Highest bid at the end of the event WINS the tree. And any donations will be handed over to the charity.

Lorraine O’Rourke, Tom Clinton, Lisa Varouxis, Keith Thurston, Nance Brandon – VPIS/Tree Fest Committee Members