Design & Civics

VPIS strives to achieve a vibrant, attractive and sustainable community, to participate in the city’s long-term planning process, to pursue the preservation of historic resources, and to be a strong civic participant. VPIS has always played a role in elections by hosting forums and putting out candidate questionnaires to promote civic involvement. Additionally, VPIS  presents biennial awards to residential and commercial properties to promote good design in the city.

Candidate Forums & Questionnaire 
VPIS hosts forums in election years for City Council and School Board candidates. We host in partnership with other civic-minded city organizations.

We also produce a candidate questionnaire that we publicize and handout at events prior to the election. The  questionnaire asks candidates to answer relevant questions related to their abilities and positions on important issues.

VPIS Design Advisory Program
The Society advises City Council, Commissions, City staff, developers, and individuals who wish to change the design of the City. Copies of our letters regarding new developments, renovations to city building/properties, school development projects and other city design issues are available here:

Biennial Excellence in Design Awards 
Plaques and certificates are presented to residential, business, or public facilities each year to recognize excellence in architectural or landscape design.