Commemorative Gardens and Trees Programs 

The Falls Church Village Preservation and Improvement Society (VPIS) has a long-standing and established commitment to the beautification of the City of Falls Church with trees, public gardens, and other amenities.  One expression of that commitment has been the funding and development of commemorative gardens and trees.

Commemorative Tree Program
The Society plants trees honoring deceased members and special events. Anyone may donate a tree to be planted in the City to commemorate a birth, death, or special event. A grove of commemorative trees is planted on Arbor Day each year.
Presidents Garden 
A garden honoring Presidents of the Society is being developed by the bike bridge on West Broad Street.

Elizabeth Graham Garden 
A past leader of the Society is honored each year by expanding the Society-funded entrance garden at Mount Daniel School.

Joseph Morsch Garden 
A bequest from the estate of Society Member Joseph Morsch enables the Society to establish a garden along the W&OD Bike Trail.  Completion of the garden is slated before the Falls Church Tricentennial Celebration in 1999.

Sue Olom Garden
Sue Olom was an activist and volunteer in the city for over 40 years.  The garden is an attractive low maintenance and low height garden that will welcome everyone in this high volume entrance point to the City.