Neighborhood Tree Program

Neighborhood Tree Program

The Neighborhood Tree Program is a partnership between the City of Falls Church, the Village Preservation and Improvement Society, and volunteers to help restore and maintain a healthy tree canopy. The program began in 2000.

What does the NTP do? First, we strive to educate residents about the benefits of trees and to encourage them to take an active role in planting and caring for trees. Second, we collect donations to purchase and plant native shade trees near streets and sidewalks to cool our community and make it a more inviting place to walk, bike and interact with our neighbors. Shade trees are planted in residential yards within the public right-of-way of the street curb, using volunteer labor coupled with logistical support from the City’s tree professionals at no cost to the landowner. Third, we aim to make native tree saplings available to landowners who do not have sufficient public right-of-way space for a street tree. Landowners volunteer to plant these saplings on other parts of their properties to help regenerate our community’s shared tree canopy.

What can you do to help?

Request a tree! If you have room on your property or in the City right-of-way, request your free street tree using this form: NeighborhoodTreeProgram_TreeForm.

The requested tree must be native and meet the NTP Tree Selection Criteria. And, the planting site also must meet the following requirements:

1. the property is residential and in the City of  Falls Church, 
2. there is space for a shade tree within the City right-of-way (a City staff or volunteer can verify), 
3. the tree will not have interfere with utilities,
4. the tree cannot be subject to a required landscaping plan.

Volunteer to help plant and care for trees! In late April and early October, the NTP gives away locally rescued native tree saplings of various species at the VPIS table at the Falls Church Farmer’s Market. From time to time, we organize work parties to plant trees or mulch planted trees. If you would like to volunteer to help with any of these activities or have questions about obtaining a tree for your yard, please email

Trees in the City of Falls Church, Virginia Guidebook celebrates trees in our community and has been a collaborative effort involving the Village Preservation and Improvement Society (VPIS), the City Arborist and the Tree Commission. The guide covers the diversity of tree species and the important role trees play in helping make Falls Church such an enjoyable place to live. You can download the guide as a PDF: VPIS Tree Book