Historical Photos of the City

Historical photos

with permission of the Mary Riley Styles Library

Brown’s Hardware
Blacksmith 1946
7 Corners-1948
Birch House-1949
Falls Church-1862
Washington St.-1900
Woodbrook House
Woodland House
Falls Church
Falls Church
Rowell House
Power Cleaners-1962
Presbyterian Church
Train Station-1956
Old Star Tavern
Odd Fellows-1956
Jefferson Inst.-1891
FC Post Office-1898
Lawton House-1890
Madison Elem.-1946
Luttrell House-1920s
Meese House-1938
FC Market E Broad
FC Drug-1958
FC Church Bank-1956
Ellison House-1909
East FC WOD-1966
Dulin -1905
Crump House-1910
City Hall-1968
Crossman House-1890